marți, 25 septembrie 2012

Season 4 Charlotte-Klaus scene script.!

I believe that the script isn't real but it's not's 50/50 New spoilers for 4x08 -Charlotte is one of the new characters that will be introduced in episode 4.08 - The script for the episode was only recently finished. No actress has been cast for the part yet. - Charlotte is Klaus’ mentally unstable ex-girlfriend, she is sired to him and was turned 9 years ago - Charlotte is not the original Petrova doppelganger - Charlotte is described as an “unkempt and wild-eyed but still beautiful and provocative” but not trashy girl in her mid-20s - The role might be recurring - We have two scenes from the TVD #408 script with Klaus and Charlotte - Charlotte feels a strong connection to Klaus, however, Klaus doesn’t want to have anything to do with her (this is clear from the script) xoxoxo

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